Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Travels Continue

The bro and I have been traveling for about 3 weeks now. Since our time in Torres del Piane, we headed up to Pucon. We stayed there for about 3 days. While there we hit up some hot springs, took a quasi horseback ride to a waterfall, and climbed the Villirrica Volcano. Unfortunatly there was not liquid hot magma at the top, only really nasty gasses spewing from the caldera. Pucon was really chill this time of year and we enjoyed our stay there for sure.

After Pucon we had a marathon travel day. We took a bus 9 hours up north and were dropped off on the side of the interstate wondering how to get to the next bus station. We followed some people onto the next exit and caught a cab to the bus station. From there it was another 3 hours to Pichilemu, a dusty surf town on the coast. We stayed there 3 days taking advantage of the nice weather. We surfed both days and did some serious beach relaxing. We also got some uber delicious freshly fried cheese and chicken empenadas. Those puppies were delicious.

Now we are in Santiago. We met up with the sis and toured around town today seeing the big sights. We are definitly enjoying our time together.


Blue Sky said...

Glad you three rollin' ohlin's are having a bueno time. Take care of each other!

Marion said...

comin home soon